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The browser security extension

Online searches, emails, online banking, reservations, e-commerce, bill payments: every day we open our favorite browsers and perform dozens or hundreds of tasks. These are now common activities made easier by the internet, and we entrust our sensitive data to other platforms.

But what if someone tried to take advantage of all this without our knowledge?

n 2021, there were 1,595,587,670 browser-based attacks, which is 4.3 million times a day, and 85% of these attacks were parasitic in nature, exploiting human-web interactions (even unintentional ones). Current defense systems (antivirus, firewall) are ineffective against this type of attack because they were designed to safeguard infrastructure and are therefore unable to detect threats arising from users' inadvertent actions, such as opening emails containing phishing attempts. But there are also malicious extensions, Ads, Web tracking, Cybersquatting/Domain squatting, Web Keylogging, Cryptominers, Cross-site scripting, and much more. And how can we protect ourselves if we are not cybersecurity experts?

To enhance browser security and make your browsing safe, install Eufedia!



Quickly analyze web behavior and react dynamically.



Evaluation of browser extensions based on AI-powered behavioral technology.



Reduction of web fingerprinting with consequent browsing cleanup.

Increase browser security at home or in the office


The web hides numerous potential threats, the following list is provided for illustrative purposes only, so only the most common and frequent attacks have been listed. Eufedia protects online browsing by intercepting and blocking all threats, not just the most well-known ones, before damage is done.


Cybersecurity for families and businesses

Rely on the Digital Security service that Eufedia offers you. Protect your sensitive data and those of the people who rely on your company

The advantages of Eufedia

  • Browsing up to 4 times faster
  • Fast and efficient anti-phishing
  • No Advertising
  • No data tracking
  • Real security and privacy

Why install Eufedia if I already have antivirus and firewall?

Because there are numerous computer threats (such as Trojans) that Eufedia can effectively prevent and intercept, but it's the job of traditional antivirus and anti-malware programs to eliminate them.

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