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Online searches, emails, internet banking, bookings, e-commerce, invoice payments: daily, we carry out dozens or even hundreds of transactions on the internet. These have become usual activities which have considerably optimised, facilitated and simplified our routine.

But what if someone tried to take advantage of all this without us knowing?

In 2021, 1,595,587,670 browser attacks took place through browsers. This means 4.3 million times a day. Moreover, 85% of these attacks are parasitic, i.e. they take advantage of human-web interactions, even the unintentional.

Current defense systems (antivirus, firewalls) are not very efficient against this type of attack because they are designed to protect the infrastructure and thus, they are unable to detect dangers resulting from unintentional actions by users such as, for example, the opening of emails containing phishing attempts. But that's not all: there's also malicious extensions, Ads, Webtracking, Cybersquatting/Domain squatting, Web Keylogging, Cryptominers, Email spoofing, Rogueware, Exploit, Cross-site scripting, Ransomware, Spyware, Worm. A real directory of cybercrime.

And therefore, how do you protect yourself from cyber-attacks?

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It quickly analyzes web behavior and reacts dynamically.

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Reduction of the fingerprint on the web resulting in clean navigation.



Evaluation of browser extensions according to behavioral technology based on AI.


Protect yourself and your business with Eufedia.


Concealed in the web are numerous potential threats. The following list has been drawn up for illustrative purposes only and thus, it only refers to the most common and frequent attacks. Eufedia protects online browsing by intercepting and blocking all threats, and not just the best known, before any harm can be done. Have a look at the blog for further insights.

It is a scam according to which the hacker tries to assume an identity known to the user and reliable to extort personal information, data, money.
The main channels are websites and web mail.

It breaches user privacy by keeping track of keyboard keystrokes in order to rebuild sensitive data, including usernames and passwords. Spreading takes place mainly through browser extensions or other Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) applications.

Web-tracking breaches user privacy by keeping track of their browsing in order to subsequently present targeted sale content. Spreading takes place mainly through web browsers.

The term ADS refers to links that appear in the form of banner ads and redirect you to sites that could be dangerous.

Those who want to attack take advantage of free domains similar to the official and registered ones, to attempt phishing by rebuilding a site fac-similar to the original.


Cyber security for Families and Businesses

You can rely on Eufedia's Digital Security services.

Protect your sensitive data and those of the people who trust your company.

The benefits of working with Eufedia

  • Up to 4x faster navigation
  • Fast and efficient anti-phishing
  • No Advertising
  • No data tracking
  • Real security and privacy

Why install Eufedia if I already have antivirus and firewall?

Because there are numerous cyber threats (such as Trojans) that Eufedia can prevent and intercept effectively but that is task of the classic anti-virus and anti-malware delete.

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